Connect with the family in Community Groups

We're a family at City Fellowship. And so this summer, May-July, we're gathering together as a family in Community Groups. We’re going to share meals, pray for one another, and have some fun, and we would love for you to join us! So check out our groups and let us know which one you’d like to be a part of by signing up below.


join a community group

Finding a group is as easy as scanning over the information on this page and clicking the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the page to let us know which group you’d like to be a part of. Then we’ll be in touch with you to connect you with your group.

Mike Jamie outside airplane.jpeg

Jamie Booth Wednesdays


Lee Wilson Sundays


Alice Hardin Sundays

Best of a series of bad photogrpahs.JPG

Leeana Cargile Wednesdays

Vandiver photo.jpg

Courtney Vandiver/Alyssa Altobel Wednesdays