Tell Yourself the Truth

Tell Yourself the Truth... Day Seven

The great Charles Spurgeon once said that the scriptures are like a lion in a cage…  You don’t have to defend a lion.  You just open the door and let it out.  

The scripture speaks for itself today.  Read it slow and let it sink in.  I have quoted it in the King James, because this passage has a “drop the mic” quality that other translations kind of miss. I am praying that you will let the the truth contained below out of the cage and let it run free in your heart today…  And I will see you at church, where we will celebrate the truth together!

Tell Yourself the Truth... Day Six

Before the University system really began to take hold, the way that one was “certified” to work in a certain field was through apprenticeship.  In order to learn a trade and to gain the credentials necessary to work in that trade, one had to seek out a master that would be willing to train them and vouch for them at the end of the apprenticeship.

Tell Yourself the Truth... Day Five

One my favorite images in the parable of the Prodigal Son (or Prodigal Father as we have been calling it), is the image of the father calling for his best robe, so that he can wrap it around the shoulders of his wayward child.  The younger son, of course is returning from “a far country” where he has been working on a farm feeding the pigs, because he has squandered all his fathers money on "prostitutes and wild living”.  I can only imagine what he looks like as he comes walking up the road to his childhood home.

Tell Yourself the Truth... Day Four

Let me start with a confession… I have a hard time memorizing scripture.  Especially the references!  I am constantly saying in conversation “you know that one verse that says…  where is that from??" 

Well, the passage above is one of the few that ran the gauntlet and made it through to my memory bank.  I struggle with fear sometimes, so that is how this verse made it on the short list for memorization (ah..  the few and the proud!).

Tell Yourself the Truth... Day Three

In the book of Revelation, the Devil is called by one of his most appropriate names: The Accuser.  

Accusation may be one of the most devastating tools in the arsenal of the enemy, and I guarantee that if He hasn’t used it on you yet, he will…  Because it works! 

We’ve all experienced it, albeit in a variety of different ways

Tell Yourself the Truth... Day Two

So…  How did it go yesterday?  

When you realized that you made a mistake at work, did you listen to those same old voices in your head, reminding you how stupid you are and how you always make rookie mistakes?  Or did you listen to the voice that says, “You are blessed in Christ with every spiritual blessing…  You have everything you need to do all the work I have called you to”?

Tell Yourself The Truth… Day One

Prepare yourself!  The only sure thing about your day today, is that there will be MANY voices clamoring for your attention…  And all those voices will have distinct opinions about what kind of person you should be.  Those voices will come from advertisers, bosses, friends….  Even from folks that are no longer in your life at all but at one crucial moment, a long time ago, said something to you that still shapes your self-image today.