Changes and Events

(Photo Cred:  Courtney Searcy )

(Photo Cred: Courtney Searcy)

City Family,
After 8 years of afternoon services, we finally made the move to mornings. I know for several of you it was an emotional Sunday, because it marked the end of a season in the life of our church, where Jesus met you and did something wonderful. But it was also an exciting Sunday, because already it's clear that Jesus is going to meet us in this next season with fresh experiences of His grace.

This Sunday we crammed well over 210 people (not including kids) into our building to Worship the King! We made more room at the table, and already Jesus is filling it up. So let's celebrate together what Jesus has done and will do in the life of our family, as we work to Build a Multi-Ethnic Family of Faith, on Mission with King Jesus!

Other News

College Meeting: Coming up this Sunday we're having a meeting for all of our college students. Whether your new to City Fellowship, or have been here for a few years, this is for you. We'll spend some time talking about College Ministry at City Fellowship and how you can get connected to the life of the church. So stick around after the service!

Seeking the City to Come: This week we started a new sermon series to help us understand and begin moving forward on our mission to Build a Multi-Ethnic Family of Faith on Mission with King Jesus. This will shape the life of our church for years to come. So if you're a part of the City Family, make sure to check it out HERE.

Group 139: To more faithfully serve our members who deal with issues surrounding gender and sexuality, we are beginning a group for fellowship and seeking Jesus with others who understand the complicated experience that accompanies this journey. Named for Psalm 139, which affirms that we were created intentionally and that God has a plan for our lives, Group 139 will meet monthly, starting the last week of September. For more information, please email us at